The Bible + my preferred meaning = 34,000 church divisions.

One of those though provoking blog posts that I just happened to read. It’s entitled, “Does Personal Bible Reading Destroy the Church? (Paul Penley).” The blog post states that apart from denominational splits, one could equate biblical interpretation as an equal source for church splits. That certainly escalated during the Reformation era, which was spearheaded […]

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This poem is my attempt in interpreting the of story Bryon Widner. This one really took awhile to write. The story echoes a narrative of what I’d call “second chance.” As much as I’m interpreting what I read, there are parts where this poem is auto-biographical as well. It is my hope that you resonate with the tone […]

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i care but i don’t care

“But Jobs’ discussion about God with Isaacson later in his life leaves us wondering: Did Steve Jobs accept Christ before he died?” (Read the rest of the article here.) The article was going out well until the part I quoted above. It’s just like saying, “I care about you, really. But only until I know […]

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dreams were meant to share

“in the event of my death” he said “please bury with me my dream.” “why…” was the response given to his request “…would you do such a thing?” the question beckons him, “it would be good if you would shared it, cause then your dreams, it would live on, now wouldn’t that be bliss, to […]

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monster living

in all of us, though we may be full of grace and loving, there, hiding and lurking, is still a monster living. Note: Though we might think that we’re not as bad as the other person, and we pride ourselves in our potentials and capabilities, we have to acknowledge that we do have a tendency […]

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