Talent is not everything

The world likes to be wowed, and I guess all of us do; being mesmerised by flashes of brilliance and swept away by charisma. We’re all awed by talent. We even have shows that focus specifically on talent. But, one thing I’m learning now, once my infatuation fades with this thing called talent; it’s not […]

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My cracked iPad screen

Gee, it’s hard not to feel frustration fuming. Even when I consider myself a person who takes good care of things especially the ones bought with the produce of my sweat. I think that term seems irrelevant in our modern day and age but you get my drift. (Back then to the thing I was […]

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I think

I think it’s time to immerse myself again in words, sentences and the universe of ideas, concepts and structure. It’s been too long. But before any form writing submerges to the surface, I’ve been meddling with the camera on my cell phone (Nokia Lumia 925) and trying to be creative with photo filter apps and […]

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This Story

This story will not be merely just reminiscing, not just photographs and picture frames, not yesterday, but present, and of tomorrow, of that, there is no need of writing.

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to be real

This piece (I want to call it some sort of poem but it does not fit the category) is somewhat inspired by “The Words.“ his anger was somewhere else though it seemed to project itself in his lashings at objects whatever it was that was within his reach but what he wanted to reach was […]

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If I only see the point of being relational in the juncture of being influential of being the change of working out the negatives into positives then I’ve lost the meaning of what it means to be relational. Because then, relational becomes just another program something we allow our mouths to say and think it […]

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