A scandal that is known all throughout the world but yet the thief walks clean because of the abuse of authority built on the foundation that “cash is king.”

Arrogant men who speak as if their position of authority is ingrained in them and will not escape them.

Money looted, the rich get richer, and whoever would voice reason or seek to topple greed either get dethroned from their positions, or worst, imprisoned, murdered.

(Reasoning) Malaysians cried foul but the dark clouds continued to hover.

Remember that hope exists because apparently, it looks like nothing could be done.

Then two “sworn” enemies shook hands, embraced. Something you don’t see happening often- stuff one only finds in fiction.

People who have never voted before showed up- people who cared less about what was happening in the nation paid attention- and so people voted.

9/5/18 is a day Malaysians will remember fondly, remember proudly.

The toppling down of a 61 year ruling super power.


I’ve shun away from letting my views emerge. First because I’ve never voted and GE14 was the first time I did make one vote count. Second because the majority living in Sarawak are still pro-BN (it’s funny that they are known as the opposition now). People get heated up in political debates, friendships can grow sour and all that can happen. But i’m convicted of something Jordan Peterson talks about.

He says that, people who often reflect on historical moments- important one like during the Nazi’s in Germany, many would reflect and put themselves in the shoes of the Jews (victims) and those who helped the Jews and spoke against the government of the day (many of those who died or imprisoned doing so). But it’s funny, Peterson notes. No one comes out of this reflection and puts themselves as citizens who followed the Nazi ideology. A lot of these people were good people but they let their conscience and actions flow with the government of the day.

Reflecting on this, i’m reminded that we are all capable of evil; even the innocent quiet ones, the ones that shuts their ears, the ones that don’t do anything. We can avoid evil by taking a stand. To listen to the voice of conscience.

Malaysia- has slayed the giant. Now is the time to Rebuild.


To Where?

I’ve not written anything in a long while. It’s so hard to get into the motion of writing again. Maybe it’s because of work, maybe it’s because I’m losing passion in writing, maybe it’s because I don’t really want to share my thought to the public anymore, maybe it’s because of some spat on my blog about something I reviewed (which was not a review) and people can be nasty, maybe it’s because of a lot of things. Maybe it’s because Im not sure of the direction of this blog anymore.

But maybe, I want to see how this can be something again. Not sure of the direction but it doesn’t hurt to explore. My fuel for writing has always been “pain.” And it’s not something that’s buffeting my mind now for a long time. A different fuel for a different phase.

Without a face

You are strong, right, and the beacon of sound judgement. Land punches however you like with words- because you don’t have a face to fall back to. We live in a world where it’s easy to hide behind the strength of a keyboard. But weak if ever we face people of different opinions and speak to them directly.


To the one who gives the nasties comments on this blog.

Yes, some living in Borneo can still be described as “jungle boy.” But clearly not all.

For reference.


Like the Ocean

The ocean,

Colored textures that signify depths,

Dark blue,

Not shallow,

But vast.

The only thing you want to see,

Is just the surface,

Content with just the shallow,

and the clear.

I wish you knew more that just that,

Like the ocean,

Dark blue,

Not shallow,

But vast.


I started to play the guitar when I was 15.

I only knew two chords back then. E-minor and G. Chords to the verse of Nirvana’s “About a Girl.” When my dad bought me my first guitar for my birthday, I played those chords, those two chords for a whole month, and just those chords. It sounded like shit. But then shit don’t make noise. So, I think it sounded bad to the ears, like how bad shit smells to the nose.

But I’m glad I didn’t stop. Not that I can play like Steve Vai, or Hendrix or SRV. I know some of the main chords and some that I don’t know by name but they sound good. I’ve got a good rhythm hand, but I suck at country style rhythm (I just not cut for country, I just hate it) and metal kinda palm muting stuff (but I have a soft spot for metal awwww). I can play some licks from time to time but that’s about it. Just an average player. An Ok guitarist. But I’m happy, I try to improve.

But then I got sick.

Really sick, like seriously ill.

I’ve been diagnosed with this thing called GAS. I’ll never be the same again. When you got this, there is no turning back. It’s like cancer but badder.

The sounds you hear in your head. Just haunting. Humming, harsh ones, waves, the wails of a person, echoes, oceans, caverns, whatever. Sounds you think you need. Need because you just want to justify the desire. It’s always a need. But when the truth seeps in, it’s too late already.

It’s some sort of hearing illness. When your hearing wants to control your whole being.

Ever since I ventured into the world of pedals.

Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

This is not a joke. It’s real. And that’s the truth.




Interstellar (not a review)

After reading (light reading really) through some reviews (not that many) and googling about the movie “Interstellar,” I finally went to watch it. I’m a big fan of the Nolan brothers (because of the Batman trilogy and Inception), so I didn’t really think much about whether to watch the movie or not. The important thing was “when.”

That “when” was Monday and it was my off day anyway.

I’m not gonna offer a review of any kind because I guess there is too many things to consider and think of. Plus I’m not a scientist and won’t do any justice speaking about the facts or the non facts of the movie.

But what the movie did for me (which a lot of movies have done as well) was, it made me think and reflect. Nothing new about this since i’m an introvert, it’s like second nature already. Anyway getting back on track…

Although I didn’t have the mind to digest the science, logic and theories embedded in the movie, I still appreciated it. My friend who was with me (who watched the movie 3 times already) was asking me, “Did you understand the movie?” I answered, “I didn’t understand it but I get it.”

Yes, I know I’m being vague in answering his question. But then that was how it felt for me. I didn’t have to understand everything to appreciate the movie. The parts that were way above my head, I just left them as just stuff I don’t understand. The stuff I thought were, “Come on! Where’s the logic in that!” I simply told myself that it was just a movie and the logic of things were in the head and mind of the creator. And the stuff I could understand, well, I resonated with. Again, a mixed bag but I enjoyed the movie. I’d probably watch it again if someone paid my ticket but I really did enjoy it. As a whole it really was a good movie.

This was the main reflection though, logic as we know informs and makes us understand. If the movie was based on logic alone we’re be bored stiff with it. Now add mystery in the mix, then you’re going somewhere. Logic informs and gives understanding, mystery draws us in and make us have seconds or probably more than that.


I’m on twitter and I’ve been on it long enough but I’ve not been able to find a good function for it. But I wanna try to find a way to use it. Probably integrate it somehow with the blog since I’m still finding time to sit down and write. Anyway, here’s something I was reflecting on. Sort of like a reflective statement. I guess twitter can be a tool for me to help me in my public communication but coming up with these brief one liners.

Do you have a twitter account? How do you use it?

The Bible + my preferred meaning = 34,000 church divisions.

One of those though provoking blog posts that I just happened to read. It’s entitled, “Does Personal Bible Reading Destroy the Church? (Paul Penley).” The blog post states that apart from denominational splits, one could equate biblical interpretation as an equal source for church splits. That certainly escalated during the Reformation era, which was spearheaded by Martin Luther.

Authorities were misusing their power to bend a certain way of reading the scriptures. They were manipulating the masses with their interpretation. This was the thing that got Luther all fired up. And then the rest is history. The ongoing conclusion that Penley states out is that, the Reformation which often stresses the importance of the bible being read and interpreted by everyone actually is responsible for divisions.

It’s an interesting article. And by that I mean, “I never really thought about that, but I’m not a 100% with you but I want to see how the argument goes.” And so, although it does raise some good points, I’m not fully convinced…just yet. I’ll wait for his other posts to be more in agreement or not.

Sorry with no additives

“I’m sorry,” doesn’t mean what’s it supposed to mean because even at the point where we do wrong we still want to justify our wrongness.

“I’m sorry,” means I hurt you intentionally or unintentionally, it doesn’t matter, the fault remains mine.

I do believe though, that we should have some form of explanation.

But most of the time, in the midst of explaining, we lose the meaning of why we’re saying sorry in the first place.

I’m still not the master of saying this out because of the tendency of being wrong rightly.

I want to learn to say “I’m sorry,” because I did something wrong. And then it should end there.