Do/Can We Have A Take on ‘Secular Songs’ ?

“The fact is that secular music speaks to people–seekers, unchurched, and churched alike … because many secular songs articulate universal human needs. The reason so many songs are written about love is because it’s a universal desire, and one that the Bible affirms when it tells us that God’s very nature is love. A secular song in church is so attractive, then, because every attendee is likely to be familiar with it and comfortable listening to its truth … Most people expect a teacher to use non-biblical stories to illustrate a biblical truth … At Saddleback [we use] secular songs as illustrations pointing people to biblical truth.”

I hope you take this post with an open mind before ‘lashing’ out :).

I’m not one who is for the term ‘secular’ and ‘sacred’ or to put them plainly the ‘things of God’ and the ‘things of the world’ but for the sake of wedging an understanding I will let these terms stick.The excerpt above talks about incorporating ‘secular songs’ as a means of communicating a particular message to people in the worship service. I don’t know how this pastor’s church does it but regardless the ‘secular song’ is used as a tool for communicating an area of relevance (down to earth understanding) and then marrying it to the message of Christianity.

The song becomes a point of reference or illustration if you will. Some people might be ready to ‘tear their robes’ (in the tradition of the Pharisees when Jesus answered their question following the night he was betrayed) and call this heresy. Please, it would do more good if you stay clothed :)On some levels I agree with what this pastor is saying; that, “many secular songs articulate universal human needs. as well as they appeal with a wider crowd.

So to use these songs to point to our message is the same as using a ‘secular illustration’ we either get from a magazine, the newspaper, the television or wherever we get our illustrations. With this said I don’t want to be misquoted that I am condoning every ‘secular song’. Please use your head and exert wisdom when you do choose songs for the use of conveying a message. What do you think about ‘secular songs’? Can Christians make any use of them?

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