Kevin Vanhoozer Interview

From the title I think you must have wondered that I interviewed Kevin Vanhoozer. But truth be told, I got this from another blog. Click here to follow the link. Vanhoozer is one of my favorite theologians although i’m still working out on understanding some of the things he is saying. So a tad of appreciation and frustration all jumbled up into one here. If you know some of his writings could you please guide me through some of his books. I started reading “Is there a meaning in this text” a few months back but it’s definitely a hard read. I probably need some foundational knowledge to get thorough it for this time being, so if you can help me do tell me something about the book to add enthusiasm to my reading. And according to the interview that particular book, Zondervan will release a 10th anniversary addition with a new introduction by Craig Bloomberg and a 3500-word preface by Professor Vanhoozer! So if you haven’t bought the book yet wait for that one to be released. Coming next year as well, two new books by Vanhoozer will be released! Details again from the interview. So a lot to look forward to!

3 thoughts on “Kevin Vanhoozer Interview

  1. Kevin Vanhoozer is also one of my favorite. Although, I don’t know how he survives at Trinity University.

  2. Scott, I guess he is moving to Wheaton now.

    Of Vanhoozer’s book I think the best has to be “The Drama of Doctrine”. It’s pretty deep and not a quick read, nor are most of his writings, but has to be one of the books that has most influenced my own approach to theology.

  3. Scott and Mason,

    I think we all strike a cord in our appreciation of Vanhoozer. I’m wondering what you both mean of him leaving Trinity.

    I have “Drama of Doctrine” but and i find that book on a slightly easier scale than “Is there a meaning in this text”. But I think i have to plough the fields of understanding a little more in getting the knowledge and information form his books.

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