Books For The Journey

I need some help in deciding this, so i would value your comments. I’m 95% certain that I’ll be attending seminary to pursue my theological studies in the coming weeks. Why 95% you may ask? I still have to turn up for an interview with a seminary representative nextweek so I guess that accounts for the other 5% ammount of ‘I might not make it’.

But nontheless I’m positive I’ll be accepted.

So here is my question. I am a book lover and to part with my books, that’s like taking me off life support. Because I wont get the luxury of bringing my collection of books with me, I’m wondering what type of books would be helpful to add in my suitcase if I go? Knowing that you might not know what books I have on my shelf I’ll ask the question in a general note,

“If you wre packing to another place to study theology and have to decide on the right books for the journey what books would you pack with you based on your book collection?”

8 thoughts on “Books For The Journey

  1. When I think about going to grad-school out of state I quickly run into the same question.

    Before I could suggest what to bring though I’d want to know what your major will be, since that makes quite a difference on which way your selection should go.

    Best of luck on the interview.

  2. Mason,
    No majors yet because I’ll be pursuing a BTh degree so it’s still on a general basis. But i’m planning to go further after that. But good of you to ask that as well, didn’t think of it in that way. Yes, I do need luck as well!


  3. Hey, so how was the interview?

    And may I have the privilege to know which theological seminary are you going to?

    Print out all the Reformed confessions (especially the Barmen declaration) and the apostolic creeds up to the 8th century to stick on your hostel’s wall. And bring all your NT Wright’s! 🙂

  4. Sze Zeng,
    I’ll only have the interview somewhere around the 16-19. I’m still anticipating! The seminary is MBS in klang. I hope i make it!

    And on your suggestions, I think the reformed confessions i can get them online but as for the NT Wright’s book that i have, that will surely be packed in my luggage if i go! Wright is a must!

  5. Wright is a must!

    I saw you blogging about Bonhoeffer, take those too.

    I am going for post grad s well, and I kinda decided I’ll only take one book!

    Steven Sim

  6. Steven,

    Oh boy, now i have to choose which of Wright’s to bring. I think for Bonhoeffer his ‘letters and papers from prison’ will be on the ‘must bring list’!

    Good luck and blessings for your studies as well!!!

  7. Eugene,

    What a great idea but to little too late. I think i’ll have to invest for a scanner in the future. Or get those electronic book devices. Well thanks for the great suggestion by the way, definitely one that I will undertake!

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