Work, according to Ben Witherington on his latest blogpost here, has been largely neglected by theologians in terms of a biblical understanding or a christian approach to it. In the opening line of his post he states that

“While you may be amazed at this, it is nonetheless true that when you survey the works of Biblical theology available to us, very seldom does the subject of a theology of work come up.”

The common thread of thought that I often hear from Christians is that there is a sense of what is considered work that God ordains and work that is of a secular nature. With this kind of thought infiltrating a lot of the thought patterns of Christians, regular jobs that people are involved in which takes in a large part of their time and life are viewed as unimportant.

But of course not all Christians have this mentality but I fear a large majority subscribes to this view of work.

Anyway I hope the link to the post by Ben Witherington is helpful to give some explanation to this. This post is also a sample to a book that Witherington is planning to release on the subject of work. It should be one to look out for!

One thought on “Work

  1. Many many thanks for the link. I’ve mused and blogged abt this before and I now look fwd to reading Witherington’s thoughts on this. I’ve used to dichotomise it but no longer 🙂

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