What Do You Think Of Expository Preaching

I’ve been thinking about preaching for the past few days and especially in the best method used when preaching. I hear a lot of talk about the importance about expository preaching and i’m in agreement with all the emphasis on it.

The need for the bible to be expounded and the bible to be taught and preached in church is vital, mainly because we do find that most of the stuff taught are mainly one line verses from the bible or sometimes a passage is read but the sermon and points or the topic have nothing to do with the passage read.

So to come up with the method of expository preaching is simply great because the message and points are derived from the exposition of the chosen text.

But i do have some minor problems with just strictly sticking on with just expository sermons. One of the reasons being, some passages in the bible are not adequate enough to give meaning to a given topic. The method of expository preaching simply hits a brick wall because it simply has to derive it’s points from the passage and when it deviates everything runs havoc. One has to dig in the bible and look for particular passages so that one can arrive at the juncture where a text would fit in adequately giving justice to the topic.

Although I place the above as a minor issue, i’m not at all against expository preaching. For me, we have to use a variety of methods with the intention of presenting biblical preaching as well as a message that is both relevant and understandable. Sort of like messages that Jesus gave. I’m not sure if Jesus gave an expository message to his hearers but what we do find him telling stories and occasionally expounding what we call the OT now. And at times this makes me wonder what method did the apostles use when they preached to the congregation?

So what about you? Do you have any thoughts on expository preaching? Or are there any other ways that a pastor or preacher(teacher) can use for the purpose of preaching?

2 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Expository Preaching

  1. Jon, i think that too many in the church have gotten hung up on expository preaching in the sense that they view it as ‘God’s method’ or ‘the only true sermon.’ I have been in a preaching class where this was taught. I have to say that i agree with you in that it confines the sermon. I dont know that I use ‘expository’ methods in a traditional sense very often. However, I dont want to ride the slippery slope of teaching ‘pop-psychology’ instead of biblical theology. As Rob Bell would say, he threw out all the things he learned in school in regards to preaching… For a great resource on preaching from Rob go here: http://www.willowcreek.com/wca_prodsb.asp?invtid=PR23349&f=x

  2. Kurt,

    I agree that some people put expository preaching on a high pedestal like what you stated ‘God’s method’ which is totally off the mark. I do see the necessity of this method but like all methods it does has it’s weakness. I like also the thing you mentioned about what Rob Bell did, to some degree we do have to deconstruct methods we learned because they don’t fit well in real life. And again thanks for the link, will check it out.


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