Are There Times When You Seem Like… You're Schizophrenic?

Michael Bird on N.T.Wright and D.A.Carson (Zondervan interview)

I really enjoyed this video.

Michael Bird is one of those up and coming scholars (i read his blog but have yet to read his books) who has caught my attention, witty, funny and smart at the same time. In the video he was saying that some people might think that he is sort of schizophrenic, because authors like N. T. Wright and D. A. Carson don’t ‘belong’ in terms of theological positions (e.g. justification, NPP).

This made me think. At time we are all a littel bit schizophrenic in some ways. I can say that I can enjoy reading Mark Driscoll  and at the same time agreeing strongly with people like Rob Bell or Brian McLaren, just to prove a point. In a way it is better to be schizophrenic in a way because it makes us more diverse, able to listen to both sides.

In a way, I kind of like being schizophrenic (but in the context of the post, so people might not think i’m crazy). In more ways than none it is a healthy thing!

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