Change: Takes You to the Edge and Coping With It

Sometime I wished that we just didn’t have to have emotional ups and downs so much. It would be way easier for the soul and heart if we didn’t have these ‘topsy turvy’ feelings that pester us to the brink of insanity at sometimes.

They are really frustrating.

Well, one of the benefactors of emotional ups and downs is change. Change can be really trying because it jolts the mundane and brings in pace that mimics a roller coaster ride. All the twists and turns become our real. Navigating through the inner self, bombarded by uncertainties, possibilities and a dim glimpse of the future, I just find it a really torrid time to assess.

I’m not even sure if I have the will power to plow through all this namely because of the conditions now…’waiting’ and ‘patience’ are my two constant friends along the journey. They irritate me though, I keep telling them. But they never seem to bug off.

They are pretty clingy it seems. I don’t really like change but it happens and how do we to navigate through change?

1. Prayer

As corny as this may sound prayer is the frustrating centre which we all must practice. It molds hope, charts direction and changes us through and through. I don’t really see prayer as something that solves problems. Prayer is more a life changing communication that is built on trust and hope. Prayer sheds the proud self and makes us see that things in life can really humble us, and that though we may seem like we have all the resources to live, they can all change in an instant. Now I just see prayer as more of a molding factor of trust, hope, change.

2. Community

We really need community. We need people for the journey. Friends, buddies and all that. Sometimes I wished I had learned this earlier. I don’t really think people can make it through life alone. Loneliness kills the soul oh so softly. In fact, loneliness is sort of a compass that tells us that there is really something ‘wrong’ with being alone. It sort of nudges us to people and specifically community. Community is an integral part of life, one that we so often neglect or never think highly of. But let it be known that I don’t mean just any community, more specifically a community that we trust and can be ourselves. A community that accepts our scars, warts and all but also a community that wants the best for us. A community that understand and propels. A combination that really hits the mark I might say.

3. Purpose/Direction

We might be battered and bruised in the ordeals of change, at times suffering bouts of depression on a progressive basis, but it does help immensely that we have purpose and perspective. Somehow we need to have a certain road map of direction to where we are headed. An aimless life leads to aimless attitudes . Even in depressing states it helps having purpose and direction. It is the oil that runs the car or so to speak.

Change, it takes us to the edge but hopefully the pointers might help in a way for coping with change. A better description of change in this case might be transition.

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