Selling Missions?

Today (Friday) happens to be the end of my Seminary’s mission emphasis week. We had a total of three speakers speaking to us on the theme of missions for the five days and they were good.

The sermon today really cut deep to the core at some points, basically touching and stressing that there were dwindling numbers of young missionaries entering the mission field or are involved in missions and for that I commend him in bringing that out.

He also said something about people quenching the call some young people receive (whether if it is valid or not) and stalling them to enter into seminary telling them that they need to experience the ‘secular’ world first. Further more what is saddening is it’s pastors themselves who do this!

But then that is not my point.

So while I was sitting down and listening to the sermon on missions, the speaker said something about how we are to promote missions. Sure, it had nothing wrong with the sentence structure of grammar. But I have a problem when we come to a point where we have to promote missions.

Why should we promote something that is God’s intention for us? Promote is simply off the mark. Is it something that we have to buy from God, that we have to decorate and create catchy slogans to be able to market it.

It simply shows how far we have abandoned what we are supposed to do. To be involved in all things God. Being involved in God’s mission.

So cut with the Promoting talk and simply tell people that mission is supposed to be something we are about. Not something we buy into.

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