An Evening with Philip Yancey 2008

Some quotes from the video:

“Jesus doesn’t make life simpler, Jesus makes life more complicated…” Yancey

“…A journalist is a generalist. We know a little bit about a lot of things but we don’t know a lot about any one thing. And we take complicated things but we try to make them simple and communicate them to people who aren’t experts because we’re not experts.”

“…the more specifically I write about myself…the more likely it is to strike a universal cord…”

“…You have said that 80% of your life is sitting in the basement struggling to write… it’s an isolated, boring, paranoid existence where the only words you utter when writing are tall latte please to the Starbucks person…”

Philip Yancey is one of my favorite writers.

I have to say that it was reading his books that opened my eyes to another dimension to reading stuff with substance as well as honest probing and always introspective questions that people only dream of asking. The first book of his that I read was “The Jesus I Never Knew.” Followed by “Reaching For the Invisible God” and “Rumors of Another World” which were brilliantly written. Because of money issues i had to sell some of my precious books away of which “Prayer” and “What’s So Amazing About Grace” made the stack of books that I sold off at very cheap prices!

What i like about the style that he writes is the honest way in which he deals about controversial questions. They are also very personal, in the doubts that he has or his struggle with church, his writings always has a way to captivate the reader if not provoke people to embrace perplexing issues and look them straight in the face. I more ways than none I think my curiosity has been tweaked by reading his books.

One of the aspirations that I have, if it were to materialize is to be a writer of some sorts. But i do agree with Yancey on the kind of isolated complexion that one goes into in constructing even a reasonable sentence. I go through the same process (although not to the degree that Yancey goes through) but minus the latte. So I have coffee instead.

Writing is something that makes me tick. It has the exhilaration of running towards the finish line when ideas are still fresh in the mind. I get all exited when treads of thoughts just sprout, and ideas come close to blooming whenever the spark of light shines in my head. But as all ideas and excitements, working on them is the frustrating part, especially in expanding follicles of thoughts to make a complete idea, having structure to convey something of considerable worth.

But anyway, enough of that, enjoy the video. And another thing, it seems that writers, especially good ones always seem to attract Bono (U2) and that would end up in these writers getting the chance to talk and have a meal with the guy.

Again, simply listen, watch and enjoy!

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