Deconstructing and Reconstructing Expectations of God

Lk 24:21 but we had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel. And what is more, it is the third day since all this took place.

The passage is taken from Luke’s gospel where two disciples were discussing on the “everything that had happened” and it is a good assumption to say that they were at points discussing hope that had eluded. Jesus whom they believed to be the one who would “redeem Israel” was met with a tragic outcome to where they had supposedly thought things were leading to.

They had no doubts about who they thought Jesus was (Luke 24:19). They knew as much that Jesus was someone who had God on his side. But nonetheless, they could not translate how the events fit into their preconceived notions of what messiah meant and was called to do.

As I reflect on this particular episode (or passage) it strikes a common irony that we have with this Jesus. The belief that we have and the stuff we learn about him may be solid structures of good theology but sometimes good theology eludes our understanding of God’s way, in particular how belief in Jesus sometimes brings us to complicated paths.

At times, a kind of paradox is created by thinking Jesus is the answer to every question that humans have against how reality captures this odd pair of substance.

Maybe, the notion of eluded hope is due to our own created leash on Jesus. It is better to have a coherent structure of belief system that we can control. Sort of like if we do A, we get A (Karma 101). So in a way we know what to expect because we have some sort of so called ‘firm and unmovable faith’, we somehow know the results of what we believe in.

But what is it that contributes to how we structure a certain preconceived belief system? I think, it is how we have been taught to read the bible and understand it.

As we continue to read the passage in Luke continuing on the conversation that Jesus had with those two disciples, Jesus actually explained to them through scripture of what they had missed out in how they read the scriptures.

Lk 24:27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself.

Their preconceptions about Jesus were faulty (to some degree) and its influence had been due to the fact that they were reading the scriptures towards a certain bent, which was, they instilled their own expectations in them.  So in a sense, preconceived ideas actually evolved from faulty ways that we have been taught to read scripture.

In that manner, the way for us to reconstruct a better grasp of God and his ways, is to deconstruct old models and patterns of understanding scripture, and build on better patterns of understanding God through his word.

2 thoughts on “Deconstructing and Reconstructing Expectations of God

  1. we generally dont enjoy having our preconceptions challenged and we certainly dont like it when anyone questions something we have assume to be a particular way.

  2. Graceshaker,Great to have you here! I think that is the irony of it all, but to move forward we have to simply be open to change at every step of the way. It's hard but life's challenges somehow can force us to think again. Blessings!

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