Reflecting on Radical

It has been a great few days that I spent with my cousin and her family. I’m on a two week sort of break from ‘proper studies’ at the moment, and my cousin was kind enough to invite me over for a few days with them.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the conversations that I had with her and her husband on stuff they experienced and were going through. They had amazing stories to tell and we spent like some long hours talking about stuff pertaining to life as experienced.

I have the utmost respect for both of them and what they do. I truly believe that they have the gift of hospitality which is being put to good use, but sadly in some circles of people, they never get the recognition they deserve.

I surely believe in what they both are doing, radical stuff, that is. Radical in a sense that they are putting their gifts to proper us. Radical in a sense that what they do is at points treading the lines of conservative methods and patterns. Radical in a sense that much good is being done. Radical in a sense that they get snares of judgment on what people perceive them doing. Radical in a sense that they don’t see themselves as radicals!

I truly believe that they are treating youths with respect and care, embracing them with a ‘come as you are’ attitude. I don’t see many doing like what they do.

Radicals are mostly treated with contempt, but we need radicals to jolt the safe comfort of the constant need to do things right. Sure we need wisdom but I believe that wisdom can only be gained by doing something, and not too much walking along the comfort zone.

So, radicals become the sacrificial scapegoats for ridicule because they see something that needs to be done and are limited in resources in the present time. In this case radicals explore new terrains and do something about it. Radicals want change but as all processes of change you will get stains that sometimes meant to tarnish their status and at times their personhood. But we need radicals to jolt the lights out of stagnant waters and stir back excitement and hope for a better future.

But all along, the price for radicals are constant strains of misunderstandings. I believe that radicals don’t always do things right 100% but it’s the trying that counts. Without trial and errors nothing will be learned nor wisdom be ploughed.

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