Radical Consequences

This marks the third post that has been in line dealing with reflections and thoughts on being a radical. The post before this one dealt with the issue of things that i think would rev up the radical in a person, basically stuff that starts the ball rolling and it’s development from there.

This post on the other hand tell the sordid tale of consequences one might undergo if he or she chooses this path or passage.

1. You Will Be Misunderstood

People on a mission are people driven with vision and perspective. Some might be very vocal in the way they approach things, some on the other hand work their way through things quietly. Regardless of which approach one takes, it is always the case that new approaches will be challenged ruthlessly, especially if ideas that are proposed run counter to what established groups have always done in the past. People might think that the radical is only after power or having a thirst of being in the leadership and basically it’s just a presumption of one seeking positions. When proposing change, trying to implement steps for change, discussing change, be sure that you will be misunderstood.

2. Your Life Will Be Put On the Microscope

Another challenge when we put on our thinking caps and raise the bar of critique on normative present structures is that our lives will be put on the microscope. The slightest mistake from the known rascal (to those who question the radicals agenda) would be brought up and put as a thing to ridicule the very life of the person. It is amazing sometimes to think that even Christians would go to such extent as to bad mouth another brother’s name just because one disagrees or asks potent questions. I think pride is on the line here, but seriously, your very walk of life will be under constant scrutiny.

3. You Might Feel the Axe

This is all but true. I wish that disagreement could be solved as grown adults sit down and discuss some points of resolutions but in most cases if someone feels his or her status is on the line, and it is worst if the person has considerable mount of influence, the one seen ‘opposing’ is going to feel the wrath of the axe sooner rather than later. I can happen in a prolonged basis of growing resentment and some happen even before they are ready to accept the fate that is give. Radical decisions would eventually lead to radical consequences.

4. Bouts of Depression

It doesn’t matter how sincere your ideas might be, how respectable you are, what your achievements might be in the past, one you go against the flow of the currents and propose what seems to old wineskin ask unholy practices, the sense of alienation that people can quickly elevate as speculations and gossips are spread about you will somehow get to the core of your being. Hurt breeds deep in the wounds that are afflicted by dishonest things said and this will eventually lead someone to the table of taunting depression. That is why in the post on “revving up the radical in you” i mentioned the part that we cannot do it on our own. When the onslaught of depressions come because of false accusations we need people who can help us through the difficult time.

5. You Might Lose Your Friends, Even Those Closest to You

This is a sad reminder of passionate beginnings and expectant signs of hope. The sad fact of following the radical road for change might be the reminder that those close to you might, at some point desert you. Radical decisions calls forth radical consequences in where one is definitely prone in one way or another to lose friends who were once dear. This point might not be true in all cases but one has to bear this in mind. The price of change is at times the price of friends. But take heart that there will be others who will stand by your side amidst the constant hurling tides.

6. God Might Be Blamed

‘Who put this burden in me in the first place?’, might be the cry of one feeling the radical consequences of embracing the mantel. When all that was hoped for come crashing to the ground and the mounting opposition growing like untamable flames, sometimes on the onset of the heart, the question “why?” come to the fray constantly. That is soon followed by “Why God?” that quickly moves to “It’s your fault”. At this point pressures mount up and sometimes pile up and choke the life out of the radical, and this is what erodes the landscape of the heart to react in pain because things are not going as they are supposed to be. This is dangerous to some degree because the radical, if he or she stays at this place of blame might not make it out, which is sad. Take heed, that the work of the radical could jeopardize your faith if you are not careful.

Change comes with a price, and that price sometimes is a life being sacrificed to shreds. The mandate of radicals is a high price to pay. You either learn the need to be humble and strive on even in strife of get shot down without ever getting back up standing and subsequently losing all belief in what was before. Either way radical decisions comes with radical consequences. So before you think that it is a fun mandate to get yourself into, think again. Always be ready for the outpouring of consequences. But all in all hopefully, even if one decides that change is something to be sought even at the point of die trying the radical returns speaks volumes. In fact, noting beats the satisfaction of making a difference.

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