Deconstructing A Faulty Perception of Forgiveness

Have you ever heard yourself say “This person is really getting on my nerves. I really hate the things the person is saying about me. But as a Christian I will forgive the person. I let him/ her go away with it”. Or there are other times we just let people tread on us in the spirit of keeping the peace, ruthlessly denying how you feel.

It is something like denying the pain/sin/evil people cause you and just try as hard to sweep it under the rug of our hearts and hope that as times go by we will eventually forget the hurt we have inside.

This is what we normally call forgiveness. Just letting the evil trample us underfoot. And shutting our eyes and heart in opening up or confrontation. Sure this works but what happens after that? Can we say that we will act as normal when we meet the person the next day/hour/min right after we get hurt?

This kind of forgiveness is actually called tolerance.

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