Fragments of Pains Are Windows to Beauty

Disturbed emotions, thoughts of alienation, substance abuse, dark nights of the soul, fits of anger, life’s struggles and the like can become artistic expressions. Morphed from the slums of darkness with an appearance of ugliness, it seems sometimes pain can escape its cocoon state and evolve into beauty. Art has this element of demeanor. We revere art but its depth is sometimes a bottomless void shackled around a tormented soul.

To me artistic expression seems to get its energy and power from pain. And getting to the heart of understanding art and beauty there is an element of mysticism, a complexity that cannot be measured, just like pain. Those who understand pain therefore understands art and consequently creates beauty. A beautiful meshing together of paradoxical elements.

And thinking about all this, I find that Jesus’ life reflects these elements meshing together creating something beautiful. One cannot simply erase the narrative of his suffering and death from the reality of his resurrection and life. In a way I find this reality fully embracing the complicating waves of how living life on earth is supposed to be, where good and bad are both present at the same time or sometimes in succession of events.

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