DTM's Weekly Links

I’ve been holding off on posts dealing with directing readers on some good stuff i read on the net. This has to do probably because of having a hassle with time and all that. But I guess if one has a sort rhythm and discipline, it is achievable.

So this will mark the first of many posts on “DTM’s Weekly Links” (DTM stands for Deconstructing The Monkey).

I hope sincerely hope to serve you well to some interesting reads!

  1. Scot McKnight, over at Jesus Creed, is currently posting on a book entitled “Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional” by Jim Belcher and the book looks good! Here are the first two posts, here and here.
  2. Rachel Held Evans has a review of “Deep Church” as well over at her blog here.
  3. The Top 100 Church Blogs!
  4. Ben Witherington III reflects on Calvin’s exegesis here.
  5. A book that’s worth you selling your kidney…well according to the writer of this post.
  6. This has been around for quite sometime but if you haven’t read about the upcoming revision of the NIV, read these articles here and here. But to know more about it go here to the official site.
  7. Donald Miller’s new book is coming out soon…visit the site. and there’s a contest as well : Win a pre-release copy of Donald Miller’s A MILLION MILES from THE ENGLEWOOD REVIEW OF BOOKS! http://bit.ly/14cHqt
  8. And I just found out that I won!!!!! See here…(Reply #11)!
  9. Now there’s Facebook Lite. Check what this article says about it.

2 thoughts on “DTM's Weekly Links

  1. nifty. just got millers book yesterday. cant wait to dig in. also picked up bells drops like stars coffee table edition. should be an interesting lead up to the tour.

  2. graceshaker, The Miller dude is one of my favorite authors. And I'm delighted about this new book as well!!! I'm also looking forward to getting Bell's latest. Looks good. I read a review by another blogger here http://newwaystheology.blogspot.com/2009/09/rob…. Though not like his other books, it still looks good and the content sounds good to me. I didn't know there was a tour for this particular one though.

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