Boring Sermons and Reflections On The 10 Commandments

I was in church today and felt disconnected during the delivery of the sermon. When this happens the mind is prone to wander into the abyss. Yes, I’m a seminarian, study theology and a freak for books that lean towards these things but I have my moments where I simply want things to be done with.

But I’m not at all in the spirit of bashing the preacher here. Maybe the problem was me. Well, back to the discussion then.

How about you? Do you have moments like this? Where the sermon, ‘bores’ you to sleep (I wanted to use death but I guess that would be a tad disrespectful). So when this happens, what do you do?

As for me, when this happens I just dive in the passage that the preacher is preaching on and jot down some thoughts on it. Well, it keeps me from wondering out too far in my mind.

What I did today was jot down some thoughts on the 10 commandments. Something in line with the message, that is. So, here is what I got.

1. The 10 commandments has a response to other attitude

  • to God
  • to neighbor/ others

2. Obedience is not passive (the ‘do not’s’ somehow has influenced this type of understanding) but active; there is a pattern of how life is supposed to be lived.

3. Obedience is not just based on outward outlook but inner discipline as well. These things are to walk together, hand in hand.

4. God is concerned with how we live in response to him and how we respond to others as well.

5. In v. 12 of Exodus 20, our first social response to others starts with our immediate affiliates, in this case parents.

With this, I jotted down a question.

How should we read and understand the 10 Commandments? Does it help by just going through each commandment one by one each week or to actually read them as a whole and try to understand them in their wholeness state?

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2 thoughts on “Boring Sermons and Reflections On The 10 Commandments

  1. i do the same thing – read in the passages and write notes. i try to keep an ear to the preacher in case something he says opens it up a bit more. like you i think its my fault when it doesnt. i think the 10 commandments are an ancient cultures way of understanding god. sure god wrote them with his finger but he did so for a culture that had no foundations. they were just beginning the long path toward who they would become and hes not one to jump ahead. so we get the commands. and theyre simple. do this dont do that. repeat.but theres a way of living thats lurking in those words. a way not of following a set of rules but of knowing and being known by our creator. a way of recognizing him when we see him at work. i think theres a way of understanding all the commands in this light. i think this was true of gods intent when he wrote them. i dont see israel getting the point very well. i mean theres some who do. theres always the remnant who get it. and maybe thats the real point. like jesus telling parables so some would get it and some would not maybe god gave the commands for the same reason. and it helped separate the goats from the sheep…then and now.

  2. graceshaker,The commandments as we know was summarized in what Scot McKnight called the Jesus Creed, love God, love neighbor. And i like this observation “he did so for a culture that had no foundations.”But there are people who take every letter as applicable to any living era, which is kind of an irony. So i as pleased that McKnight's Blue Parakeet paved a way that we do have to see if there are stuff that cant and can be applied. So with that I guess reading the commandment discerning the spirit of what they mean is the way to go. Well i'd say that is how i see it and think how it is to be approached.

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