Skimpy Attire= Immoral and Unclean Behaviour?

“This performance is not suitable…. as her skimpy attire and behaviour onstage are immoral and lead to unclean behaviour”

The quote above is an address by a religious group, in their plight to call for a ban on an upcoming concert by Beyonce, that is scheduled to be held in Malaysia on October 25, 2009. I’m somewhat struck by the quote though which i find childish and ironic. Read it for yourselves by clicking on the quote.

Now, in all this I’m not here to condone anything Beyonce, because i get people misunderstanding me and tell me that I have loose morals because I’m promoting freedom of dress. Some go to the extent thinking that I’m condoning women to use bikinis in church. Talk about misinterpretation, sheesh. Now, let’s get back to the quote or should we say our conversation.

We have been hearing a lot of stuff like this going on for a while (in Malaysia that is). Some of those whom have been targeted were

  • Michael Learns To Rock (I’m still wondering why)
  • Avril Lavignes (scratching my head)
  • Gwen Stefani (ok maybe she is a little too much, i can understand why).

For a snippet on why they look to ban these acts click on the link above again (if you haven’t already). It does seem kind of childish, the allegations they make though. Sure it is true that skimpy attire does cause trouble in some ways, but it is not the sole benefactor of decensions.

My only question to this is, if you go as far as to ban concerts which are events that happen once or at best span for 3 nights, why not go all the way and band the whole Malaysian TV industry because they in fact play some major influence on the minds of people in a more subtler manner. That is just one of them though.

But maybe they would change their minds about Beyonce if they had only read this post by Eugene Cho here . Maybe we can learn a thing or two on kindness from some in skimpy attire.

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