Questions on Gospel Presentation

At times we make it like it is so simple. Sharing about Jesus is so ‘simple’. Lets see, how is the best way to present the gospel of Jesus? Well we will start with “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”. Not that I am saying that it is totally wrong to start talking about God in that manner, but the thing that I want to stress is simply do people get the “God” part? When we simply tell people this we miss the chance to be heard, but not always for that matter.

Another thing is to talk about the thing that separates us from God. We call this sin. We might present it this way, “Our relationship with God was good, but all that broke off when sin came in the picture.” One problem that might occur here is people might not see this as a problem. What is sin? What is relationship with God? And if there is such a thing, it must be a lie because I don’t have any sort of relationship with ‘god’. Sometime we simply become too ‘confident’ and just continue on our presentation.

Then we say “Man tries to reach God with religion.” We define religion as works. Sounds more like karma. But do all religions practice these types of teachings? I mean karma, or works. Then we shift to the ‘short story of Jesus’. Too short for that matter. We say God sent Jesus. Jesus came and died for our sins.His death was the sacrifice that cleansed us and now we can get back to our relationship with God. But in order for us to do that we have to repent of our sins and believe in Jesus. Oh and by that I mean Jesus rose again from the dead and is alive. So after we have repented and believed in Jesus we are saved. We have eternal life. We can escape hell and enter heaven. Oh I forgot to explain the part where our sin kicks us to hell but believing in Jesus put us in heaven.

So we then proceed to talk about this new life. Now comes somewhat the difficult part and the one that makes less sense. We say when we have done all that (believe in Jesus), we continue our relationship by reading the bible, praying and attending church.

It sounds so foreign and so out of this world. Sure we can say that the Holy Spirit makes people understand, and our role is simply to present the message of salvation. But its more like shooting at people anything that comes to mind and throw the person to the mercy of the Holy Spirit or rather hope that The Holy Spirit will convict this person of his or her need for Jesus.

It is so fascinating that we jump into this kind of band wagon and just keep on doing it without even thinking of what we are saying. It is no wonder Christianity is seen as stupid at points. I must say we must learn another approach and fast.

Think about it. Where is the talk about Abraham, Israel in our gospel presentations? How can we reconcile this? Or do we think we can just jump over the importance of Israel or Jews in our message? Because we have neglected this part of the bible (the Old Testament) or we can say that we have no proper knowledge of the Old Testament and things embedded in it our understanding of our faith it seems is a half baked cake kind of understanding.

And because our understanding of faith has become so narrowed down to just connecting these words God, Fall, Jesus and Heaven we are simply dumbing down ourselves with a wanton faith. We spend too much time remembering the steps of presentation of the gospel tract that it literally become our bible, complete with selected verses for our use.

We have to change, or ‘repent’ of how we have spoken on behalf of God. True, at points our gospel presentations have to be short and summarized, but don’t forget that summarized definitions needs expansion and explanation. Study your faith, know why you believe, know what you believe, but don’t stop there, explore and immerse yourself in what you believe by being engaged with people having an open attitude to probing questions.

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