The Time When God Gave Up

Giving up is something that is very common for all of us.

I am someone prone to this in actual fact. I have to own up to my own mistakes and weaknesses. I remember the time when i gave up on working at this small pepper processing company. Small in a sense that I was the only worker, doing all processing work. The workload was ok. I was paid RM 10 (Malaysian currency). That was low and what made it worse was my employer had the tendency to delay payment.  Which on my part was not helpful. But being someone who was quiet and non-confrontational i complied.

Until the day when my boss somehow to me did not turn up for work. We usually start work around 8 a.m. But he was a no show until around 11 a.m. He was the one holding the keys so the shop was still closed. So i figured the best thing was to just head home because there was basically no point standing around there doing practically nothing.

But much to my surprise the next day i got one of my worst scolding from a boss that played hokey himself. I did not like the accusations and all the degrading stuff he said to me. I had enough of his antics for the day and when it was the next day I quit. I gave up on this pathetic work environment because i was fed up with it.

Sometimes we give up for other reasons as well. I gave up business studies because I did not understand a thing about business (well lets just say i was lazy). Basically we come to the point of giving up when things go awry and beyond our control. We give up when we hit a brick wall and find no real solution. Basically we give up when things get rough.

But i’d like to add this ‘giving up‘ thing in explaining how God did the ‘same’ ‘giving up‘ when things went awry with the world, his creation.

God simply ‘gave up’. Well not in the way we selfishly do as i mentioned above. But the thing that God gave up was being in control of his attributes. God in Jesus, gave up what was supposed to be his right to embrace the humble dwelling of being a human being. This idea comes straight from scripture in Philippians 2:5-11.

God ‘gave up’ not to abandon but to restore. God ‘gave up’ not to recklessly let go of something gone wrong, he ‘gave up’ to get involved.

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