Rethinking Evangelism:No Quickstar Approaches Please

Christians Trying to Convert Non-Christians from Rethink Mission on Vimeo.

Do we still think distributing tracts amount to evangelism or meeting someone randomly and then starting a ‘friendly conversation’ that would eventually lead to talking about the ‘gospel’ or befriending someone with an agenda of converting the person?

The methods should be rethought and if possible shelved (for good in some cases). With all the methods I shared above, Christianity sounds more like trying to recruiting someone to the product you are selling. Please we are not selling Jesus, and really, Jesus is not a product for that matter.

What would really show that we have something different is how we live. That in turn would pave the way for conversations of faith to start. Please, love people first, show them the transformed life you have and when it is time to talk about faith then talk and do share with respect and with much grace. None of that “If you die tomorrow, do you know where you are going?” This is simply bad evangelism. Really bad.

And like what the guy in the video said…no quickstar approaches.

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