A Neglected Sin

Imagine this.

On a bright and Sunday morning, waking up early to the sound of birds chirping sweet melodies, to the smell of an appetizing breakfast being prepared in the kitchen awaiting your arrival. You sense that this would be one of those special Sunday’s where you felt the shalom of God evading the world where mortal man lives.

You get up from bed refreshed and do the necessary things someone waking up from bed does and head straight down for a nice warm breakfast, and that warm cup of coffee, it’s aroma making it’s way to your nostrils and eventually giving that warm taste as you drink it.

Like other Sundays the usual routine would be to get ready for church and that is exactly what you do; get ready for church. The only difference would be, this particular day, you have the absolute certainty that God would speak a message for the times, a relevant message as we tend to call it now.

You arrive in church with anticipation, you make your way to where the worship gathering is assembling and get yourself enraptured in the songs that were used to worship God. Tears literally rolled down your cheeks, truly heaven has come down, the glory has made it’s way in our midsts.

So to cut the story short we move on to the time when the message is preached. Everyone in the rooms seems to have your sense of anticipation, everyone looked like how you feel (well that was how you say it). So the preacher makes his way to the pulpit and greets everyone and suddenly he tell everyone about how the Lord had led him to speak on a difficult topic for the day. Something which he said in his own words was “A neglected sin which we constantly evade in our day and age!”

And here you are feeling tensed knowing that this was really something, this was the relevant message that God wanted to tell me. This would truly make it’s way on the list of messages which have become a turning point in your life. So you sit tight, you sit attentive, you sit with a heart ready to absorb God’s very message for the day.

So the message goes…

“We people living in this day and age have lived carelessly. The Lord has convicted me also as well at my neglect on this issue. I have treated it as a non issue and lambasted focus on other acceptable things which we call abusive. For instance we have lambasted people who drink excessively, those who are chain smokers, those who consume pornographic material like someone trapped in the dessert and thirsting and needing to quench his thirst, those who are shopaholics, those who are workaholic, those who wear revealing clothes and many more things which we deem improper for a believer to get himself or herself involved in.”

“Althought”, the preacher continues, “i have just mentioned these things for the sake of mentioning them and these things are known generally to us. They are familiar. But here is the clincher….brace yourself!”

Now here your are glued to your seat, your heart beating like a drum and everyone seemed glued to the preacher…you are bracing yourself.

The preacher continues.

“We have neglected, he have constantly evaded the sin of over excessiveness. The sin known as gluttony. It has become a non issue for Christians now…maybe we should really think now on the spirituality of eating…”

And with that the sermon goes on and you are left wondering the sin of over eating?!!!! Is there such a thing. Well the reason you think so is because it is something which we have neglected. Something that has become a non issue. Something that has become a cultural norm and in that something that has become a way of life.

Hence, a neglected sin.

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