A Parable About A Dog

There was a man who loved dogs. His love for dogs started when he was young, the first time when his dad had bought him his first puppy. This man was now married and at the same time he had two beautiful puppies. Married life was bliss and taking care of two beautiful puppies added more joy.

Now a year has passed and in that process his wife was pregnant and was expecting a baby soon. His two dogs have grown. But both of them had different personalities altogether. One was good, the white one, and the other was ruthless, the spotted one. They were like opposites but ironically the dogs were good friends. Only when it came to food did a dog fight occur.

Soon it was time for the wife of the man to conceive and they had a baby boy. And joy filled their home. A beautiful wife, a healthy baby boy and two strong dogs that was part of the family.

But soon there was a  a drastic change in how the spotted dog acted. He was sort of a rascal. Chewing on slippers, eating out of the trash and at times chased the paper boy down the alley, and even some joggers. This got the man in trouble. So because of that he usually put the spotted dog in a cage but let the white one loose because the white dog was a decent dog. He was what people might call a model dog.

As time went by feeling deprived the spotted dog got more ruthless. When he was let of his cage he would run like a mad dog. He was free and because he was deprived beforehand in the cage. Things got from bad to worse because the caged experience, although it minimized the spotted dog’s destructive and mischievous nature, it made him more aggressive because the feeling of being deprived. But the man did not know this. He thought more discipline was needed. So what he did was feed the dog less to teach the spotted dog a lesson.

What the man did not know was, this only drove the spotted dog mad. Depriving him of freedom being locked in a cage and depriving him of food only fueled the anguish and sense of dissatisfaction in his dog. As days passed by, the hunger brought a sinister outlook on this spotted dog. Soon he was this sort of vicious evil dog.

One day though, a strong wind uprooted a tree which fell where the cage of the spotted dog was. Miraculously though the dog was unharmed, only shocked and his then mighty cage was now broken and he was a free dog only awaiting time to run out. It so happened that the son of the man went outside that day to play on his bicycle. So he ran outside, his dad right behind getting the necessary tools to clean the mess the wind had caused. He did not know that the cage where the spotted dog was placed has broken down.

The sight of the boy aroused the starving vicious dog, and awaiting the opportune time he lashed out of his cage and…..(i’ll leave the details out because they might get too graphic.)

The parable is somehow inspired by this excerpt from Michael Bird’s book “Introducing Paul: The Man, His Mission and His Message“:

“I have found it common in sermons for preachers to say that Christians have two natures, spiritual and carnal, and then liken these two natures to fighting dogs. Our duty, so it goes, is to ensure that we feed one dog and starve the other. But this is not true, since Christians have one true nature: the new creation.” 136

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