Reflections on Taking The Lord's Name In Vain

Scot McKnight’s reflecting on taking the name of the Lord in vain:

I’ll put it this way. I love my wife and my kids (and their spouses and now little Aksel) in ways unlike my love for others, like my colleagues and friends. I would never make fun of my loved ones in public in a way that besmirched their integrity and their name and their honor. (For the full post read it here)

A comment by RJS that further enhances what McKnight conveys (see here):

We generally know intuitively that there is something wrong in the relationship when a man “makes fun” of his wife (or mother-in-law) or children – or when a woman “makes fun” of her husband. It happens far too often, and should always give pause. How much more should such an appropriateness govern our reference to God and our thinking about God.

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