Making gods of Ourselves

Source: Vinoth Ramachandra- Money and Morality
“The Biblical notion of Sabbath was intended to protect men, women and animals from the tyranny of accumulation. It reminds us that our identity comes not from our work but from the God who alone gives meaning to human work. ‘When we work we are most god-like’, observes Eugene Peterson, ‘which means that it is in our work that it is easiest to develop god-pretensions. Un-sabbathed, our work becomes the entire context in which we define our lives. We lose God-consciousness, God-awareness, sightings of resurrection.”


The sure element of how work exhibits in us god-likeness is the fact of the rewards of money and the thought of progress. Walking up the ladder of success and coupling that with status, power and wealth, persons thus get sucked in the web that make themselves idols as the self glorifies with a reverberating sense of narcissism.

Sure, the mask does not always show. The person trapped in has not a clue in the web that has entrapped the victim. And so wields the thought that showing humane acts of kindness and thoughtful acts of being open and friendly color the life with boundless joys. In the midst of that the thought of wealth becomes the secure footing of strength. With wealth there is the abundance of how it can be subdivided for self in the veins of just self deployment and if needs arise there is enough to give. But to attain that utopia, one works hard and takes every opportunity to do just that. The need to attain and subdue. A work ethic that has no sense of stopping. More inclined to the slogan ‘live fast, die young.’

When this cycle takes root there is thus no room to discern and God activity in life. God works but the self has learned to un-reflect God’s hand that is really working. Why? Because all needs are met by sheer brute work that the self has attained. And God has not helped in any way. God is just the background, ready to bless the lips that utter and remember when it does to acknowledge a painters work. And thus the relationship that unravels is like a relationship between an art gallery attendant or enthusiast to a painter work. Much praise is given to the painting but what give of the painter? Respect is only due to the extension of his or her work. And so like that this is how God is treated in the dimension that I have explained before hand.

And the end of this goes back to the original reflection above. When we get entangled in the web of deception that we on our own can make it, we are in a sense making god of ourselves.

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