Acting Out A Doctrine That Baffles: Trinity

When I was in my first year in bible school, we were studying on trinity which, before attending bible school i was somewhat educated on this doctrine by reading snippets here and there from popular, non-technical books. So our lecturer gave us as homework, how would we explain the concept of trinity or rather the doctrine of trinity in an understandable manner.

So, when it came time for presentation, me and my wise cracking brain or so i thought it was came up with the explanation that the trinity is something like the three in one coffee we take. And to think i nailed it there. I was feeling proud. But like all good lecturers, mine asked me some simple questions to somehow support my views on why it was a good example.

“Can the sugar be known entirely as coffee? Can the powdered milk be known entirely as coffee?” (of course coffee in itself can be known as coffee..but the other two don’t make the cut.). So with that my example of explaining the trinity was flushed down the drain. And as explanations went on we discovered that trinity has no worthy examples to explain it in a meaningful way.

Trinity explained is God in three persons. Father is God. Son is God. Spirit is God. But they are distinct persons (meaning Father is not Son, and Son is not the Spirit and you get my drift here). In their (Father, Son, Spirit) distinctiveness is God, in their unity is God. But it does not mean that we have three gods. A good explanation of trinity can be seen here. Is your head spinning already?

I am not intending to explain the doctrine here but like i said above there is a good explanation of trinity based on the link I put up there. So do read that. But for this part I’d like to infuse a bridging work to how one may think to apply this doctrine, or what does it imply for us to understand it for our lives. In that manner one needs to know that doctrines or Christian teachings are not supposed to be statements that were placed on paper to stay there for our brains to intellectually wrestle with and be at peace when we understand but to apply and live out.

But trying to apply or let alone think what it implies for our lives as a vital doctrine is like explaining to a person who lives in the jungle about how an ice cream exactly tastes like. But let me propose something to reinvigorate your mind a little.

On a particular topic in the Mentoring course that I took, trying my best to capture the essence of what my lecturer said by the notes that I jotted down:

Theology that undergirds spiritual friendships is the trinity.

“God is Love” three ideas come to mind

  • Love can only be expressed with another.
  • And if God is love it can only be said of a God existing in a trinity
  • A community of three persons in all oneness is expressed in the idea of relationship

Thus, the implication for us as Christians is that at the heart of God’s being, is the idea of relationship that expresses oneness. At the heart of God’s being is the expression that we are called to be relational beings and not self absorbed brats like we always want to act like. That side of humanity that is tainted by sin has to be shed off to emulate the being of the One we are following.

A doctrine that baffles the mind but it is actually an integral longing in each heart to live not as an island but in community and relationship with one another.

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