Interpretive Process: Romans 7:14-25 (2)

I did an earlier post here: Interpretive Process: Romans 7:14-25 (1) which is a long overdue continuation mainly because of the difficulty of the interpretive process (and coupled with the mounting assignments to be handed in).

Discussions on the ‘I’

I remember reading Romans 7:14-25 to gain justification of when there was a crisis situation in where failure and guilt were at the center stage. It sort of gave the perspective that Paul was conveying to his readers the experience he has as a Jesus follower. No that Paul was this restless person, but it depicted that Christians struggled as well and for him to mention that gave a sooting reassurance that i’m not all that bad. I’m a Christian and i have struggles and it is something that was ok. To me it made perfect sense to read it in this manner. Personal experience spelled out the meaning of the text.

But what readers and that include me, might miss when reading Romans 7:14-25 in isolation without regarding it in the context of chapter 6-8. Too many times we let our experience decide what the bible is conveying rather than letting it inform us of how life is supposed to be. If the person depicted in the passage of 7:14-25 was indeed Paul (being an apostle par-excellence), what would this rendering in Romans 7:14-25 tell us about the Christian life? What does reading it with regards to the context of chapter 6-8 do to that argument/view? Another question that would then be probable to ask after this would be, “What was Paul’s understanding if someone is in Christ?”

But then the questions I asked are not the main thrust of the message embedded in the text lest I’ve impressed this to mean that. Anyway I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. I’ll probably post the historical development of how interpreters in the past have understood the ‘I’ in the passage later coupled with which position I think would be a more probable rendering of the ‘I’ followed by an interpretation of the passage at hand.

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