Sleeping Awake

Still in a state of sleeping. Passive is a better description but that does not really make for a good title as in “Passive Awake.” That definitely sounds alien and weird. So much for the awkward introduction.

Anyways, after two months of ‘sleeping’ and getting things into a somewhat retrospective state, the new year has not started out well. Along with the death of my old laptop which has been my trusty companion for roughly three years it has passed, and going down with it are some valuable stuff in there. Still in the state of mourning at the moment.

At this appointed time, i’m all geared up for another two semesters in seminary. It does not help that some of my needed assignments got buried as well, as you can now figure out reading the narrative above. I’m taking a mental note as well as a written one that bringing back unfinished assignments out from the safety net of sacred grounds into the open surroundings of life pays with a hefty price. I will probably ask for extensions reworking stuff already done which is a bummer. But life goes on.

It definitely looks like the new year, as some do not hesitate to welcome it, has hammered me down hard. Money that was supposed to be used to survive has been spent on another laptop, and one that is cheap and down graded compared to the one i used to own. But the only up side to this new addition is the compatibility. Light weight and small by comparison, this new companion will be my travelling notebook giving breath to my parading thoughts. Well, i can say that probably is something i look forward to.

This semester would be massive for me but reading, writing and reflecting is what i think i do best, so another thing to look forward to. A new blog, is a new addition as well. I’ll probably write about the journey with my other blog, but that would be on hold at the moment.

Taking their ‘sleep’ would also be my guitars which i would not be picking up anytime soon. As travelling is not a friend to ‘clutter’ being carried. But i will still be keeping up with harnessing my skills. There was a period when i thought that i might bury any improvement on the guitar but now when i think of it, that would not be a wise option to take. A songwriter needs skills to compliment songs being written and so begins another journey in that direction. It is something worth the pursuit. I enjoy writing and visioning stories and feelings tuned to a melody brings great satisfaction.

And so in the state of passive slumber, a lingering sweet smell of the morning dew is setting itself neatly in my nostrils. Soon, i would be awakened form a state of sleep and embrace another struggle with reality.

Here is to a new beginning, a new set of struggles and a year i would call to live simply.

One thought on “Sleeping Awake

  1. love reading all your blog posts. what you would awkwardly articulate in Kelabit gets clearer written down in english.

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