Arrival Away From Home

Some three hours plus of travelling i’ve finally arrived in Kuala Lumpur, away from the vicinity of home. Leaving the comfort of home is always a hard thing to do. Gone will be mornings when birds are heard chirping and the smell of the morning; the smell of freshness. Over here in KL, one gets accustomed with the sound of car engines and the smell of carbon monoxide filling the air. So much for waking up fresh.

What i’ll miss also back home will be the beaches. None over here, which is another down point living here, or in my case studying for that matter. Tomorrow starts the process of learning. Well, im not so sure about that yet though. But what i’m sure we will have chapel. Ok, that i’m looking forward to.

Right now though, i’m looking forward to rest this weary head on a nice soft bed. Thats what you get from not sleeping for the last 24 hours, a habit i’ll probably continue when study starts. Well i need to watch that part though. I heard that lack of sleep or not sleeping when you’re supposed to is bad for health. I should take note of that. If hours were longer then 24 hours thats is.

Well after this its off to the train station for another hour and a taxi ride and only then arrival to the campus. I have mixed feelings about the whole thing at the moment but thats what happens when one arrives away from home.

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