Prayer and The Psalms

“Using the Psalms as a school of prayer, praying these prayers we get a feel for what is appropriate to say as we bring our lives into attentive and worshipping response to God as he speaks to us. As we do this the first thing we realize is that in prayer anything goes. Virtually everything human is appropriate as material for prayer…”

Excerpt from Eugene Peterson’s Eat this Book” (page 105)

Prayer is something generally thought of as something we must be careful about. With this mindset put into place prayer is devoid of conversational dialog. Prayer then naturally become something compounded in the mechanical realm of emotionless expressions. That’s why reading this small excerpt form from Peterson’s book above opens a realistic avenue of what is missing in our prayer language. The Psalms becomes the words and expressions that align us to birthing a prayerful posture to God. It does not hide the human elements of what we are but actually projects our humanness in how we should relate to God.

It’s actually liberating to see the Psalms in this way. It makes prayer not compounded to mechanical utterances that are confined to controlled monologue. It deconstructs prayer as performance and give human bearings to it. Something worth thinking about.

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