Synoptic Antidote

Awhile back, i was writing about being in a state of ‘sleeping awake.’ Well, antidotes to the these sort of feelings are exhausted for me in the form of studies, lectures and reading. Nothing like a class on ‘Synoptic Gospels’ to jolt the sleeping mind to wake up.

Well i guess i get exited whenever theres a lecture on biblical or theological stuff around. Does not matter if the lecturer teaches in a monotone voice, what’s important for me is he/she knows his material in depth and has does not deviate from what he/she is teaching. With all those things in place, i’m a happy camper.

I find student responsibilities like being involved in the student union to be some of the things that i don’t look forward to, especially if things go awry. Well, in life its the necessary things that become a chore sometimes. I don’t really like responsibilities like these but its something that we learn to see value in.

But i’m quiet comfortable being the chap that is into lectures and studies. I don’t mind to be a dweeb for once. Maybe thats because i really dig wearing glasses. Well, there are down sides to wearing them but somehow they elevate your smart side to some extent to say the least.

Well, for the immobility that has once sucked on my brain and cause me to see stars and fiddles with my emotions, I’ve found an antidote indeed in the form of the synoptic gospels.

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