The Day I Thought I Won Something For A Change

It was Friday and I was in a rush to make it to Pop’s place to spend the weekend with my young aunties. I was supposed to be free on Friday afternoons but I had to wait for funds from the office for our college retreat and also for some student functions at seminary.

After getting those things done, it was three already and considering the traffic in KL on Friday, you could say that I was already late. So being already late I rushed to the bus stop to catch the first bus to Klang town. Well i’m not sure what the call it exactly but as the aunties commented, the place that was always jammed and where the flyover was still in the process of being constructed after 2 years!

Hopped on the second one and was on my way to KL. The plan was that after arriving there I would then take the next mode of transport to the final destination where they would pick me up.

Well when finally arrived at KL and was walking full speed ahead for the third mode of transportation the LRT I was halted by a girl handing out some sort of pamphlets. I soon found out it was one of those contest thingy where you found out you were lucky after you opened it up.

It seems that I was apparently luck as the girl who handed me the luck paper was jumping up and down. Now that seemed weird. I won but she was the one being all exited about it. She talked so fast that it made me wonder that she was someone from another planet. You could only make sense of the first word that came out from her mouth and then the last one. As she kept talking I kept nodding.

She apparently convinced me to follow her to their office and to redeem my prize. It was either a car or a trip to somewhere upon which i could exchange with cash if I did not want to go.

So we took a taxi. I was somewhat skeptical because it’s too good to be true. But at the same time i figured i had nothing to lose. And going to my mind again was “I am going to be really late now!!!”

We arrived at the office and she explained to me some of the terms and conditions of the contest. I had didn’t win just one prize but I won another three stuff along with the grand prize. But here’s the catch. I had to pay around RM 4800 if I wanted to get my prize. She said it was for tax purposes.

Well whats RM 4800 if you won the grand prize right?

Well, I was not amused as i smelled something fishy behind the whole plot. I was already stupid enough to follow her to he company’s office via taxi and paid the fare! I wasn’t gonna be duped again. So, i told her I don’t have that kind of money.

And what really made me angry was after i said that she showed me to the door and sent me out. I asked her how am i supposed to go back as I’m unfamiliar to the place. She just said just go down and you will see the bus stop.

It was a good thing I managed to get a cab form there to the nearest LRT station at a cheaper price that the first cab we used.

But everything turned out ok after that. Well a little better that losing RM 20 for a taxi fare. It turned out I took the wrong train to where I was supposed to be picked and my aunties (well aunties following family ties that is) got into a massive jam and lost the way to pick me up. Well eventually they arrived and that was that. Everything went from bad to good after that.

Well that’s all in a day when i thought i won something for a change.

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