Still Very Much a Foreign Object

Many of us Christians subscribe to the common echoed belief that the bible is truly the word of God. The bible is revered as sacred and it is not dead words printed on paper but the living word of God.

We encourage new believers to read the bible for spiritual growth and discernment, direction and making the right decisions in life. We do this often without thinking deeply.

There are times we come up with cleaver acronyms like BIBLE stands for “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.” I can’t deny the cleaver way to put it that way but this statement actually denotes the bible as a book built upon already set rules that have been magically strewn together.

But if we do read there is not actually any pointers that were constructed systematically as if the bible was just about basic instructions. If you wanted basic instructions you would be better off reading a manual on an electrical item. That would work well but the bible is not like that at all.

If that is our idea of the scriptures we still have a long way to go in understanding God. And in the end the bible is still very much a foreign object to a people professing it to be their standard of life.

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