Some Days

Some days nothing much happens, just the slow progress of writing a paper and packing for a retreat tomorrow. I think that all that scattering has dented reflection and its hard to write when the mind is occupied and constantly moving.

Some days, some people just think about themselves and leave stuff cluttering around. We all have responsibilities which we should take care of. I have tons unfinished but thats not an excuse for me to lurk and sink like a submarine. Its better to get the hands dirty and do what we are supposed to do.

Some days, hunger pangs are like ringing alarm bells going berserk. I’m not hungry but I just want to eat. And somehow the mind tries to justify and give good reasons to dine. I did not eat much today, i just had to make that clear though.

Some days, sitting in front of the computer with a tall stack of books at the side, no idea gets to be typed or gets saved. Well all i had today was just a full page with no footnote. I wish sometimes we could do away with them. But thats just a minor complaint i have there.

Some days, we get transported in the past and its just that. Well just a shallow remembrance of what happened. Well its not that i intentionally try to think about it but these things happen without a reason.

Some days I’m less inspired. it seem as though now my thinking habits have slowed down. The ones that carries me with some good questions and probing but somehow I fell that I’ve lost the spark. I hope not though. I hope its just a ‘some days’ thing.

Well some days are just plain mundane and sometimes they are not.

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