A Place to Call Safe

There are periods in life where sometimes things get pretty messed up and it takes a while to adjust through the environment. Periods like this makes for being a fool in the eyes of others an instant explanation. And it is in these kind of moments where being alone is the best solution for what the situation calls for.

But that will eventually lead to alienation. And that will eventually lead to being in moments where being misunderstood gets played more than being understood. But the pull of being in seclusion make for better sanity than for being branded a freak.

It seems that when one needs community the most is when one is forsaken by the very community one seeks to be in.

It is an ironic mixture of truth and reality but nonetheless thats how it works in real life. Opening up to weird thoughts and disturbing moments drives a person away because of sinister stares from the religious elite.

But if there was a place to call safe things would change.

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