For the Love of Books

I get a kick when the week comes to a halt and its the weekend. Its when i religiously make my way to the city to bury my head in books in the bookstores.

My habit is to dash to the religious corner first and scale every shelf from top to bottom moving slowly reading titles as if they were supposed to be browsed that way. Once i’m done doing that, I browse books by publishers and then by subject manner. I do it as often as I enter a bookshop. So with that discipline I know roughly where a particular title is supposed to be. I guess i do that because I worked in a bookstore for two years. Maybe that is the reason behind the ritual I play by.

After enough browsing religious books I start to browse other genres. Well mainly novels that is. I think the love of novels has become a new obsession, one that I’m relishing at the moment. A while back I posted on two novels i’m reading and I think I’m getting the hand of reading them.

But for all the love of reading comes sacrifice and that has to do with the discipline of using money. I think that is the only drawback to this hobby, at least for me that is. A student does not earn and if he does earn he earns enough to survive on food and transportation and emergencies. So, what i do is always calculate and justify if a book is worth the money i have in my wallet. It is a problem if I overspend. If that happens, well there will be less food on the platter to make the stomach happy. Well, i guess thats not too much of a problem because I think we tend to eat more that we are supposed to anyway.

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