“The Writing Life”

Last Saturday i bought a book. Reading a lot of Philip Yancey and Eugene Peterson introduce me to authors I would not have known of. One of them happens to be Annie Dillard. I was browsing around for novels and i came across two of her books. One was a reader on Dillard’s writings and the one I bought was entitled “The Writing Life.” It’s a thin book and a pricey one at i might add. I had to think about how much money I would have left if I made this purchase.

Its a book about writing or the journey in writing. I like writing, I read books and love all that stuff with words, so it is no wonder my curiosity was aroused just reading the title of the book.

The cover had a painting of a boat sailing towards the sunset. It had the mood of a journey as the colors depicted that. I think it’s a nice way to portray writing; a journey in the mood of sunset. It is a somber thing, working with words but it is also a satisfying feeling if one could stand words to warm the heart and probe emotions to the surface.

I’m thinking of writing some reflections on the book. There are really some fascinating stuff she writes there. Good stuff for readers and writers. I like how she weaves metaphors to solidify arguments or to stress a point, beautifully described.

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