I Make Friends with Faces

I don’t have many friends but that does not mean I’m an unfriendly fella. I think I don’t make many friends because I make bad first impressions. By that I mean in conversations with new people I’m always worrying what to say next. Worry about whether or not the other person having conversations with me find the the subject matter we talk about interesting.

I’m amazed at some people. They make friends easily and with not a second thought to it. It’s just like they were born with a gift, a gift to make friends easily. They dont have to try to hard to impress a person with subjects they were discussing. they just talk and people just click with whatever they throw at them.

I’m just not good at this thing called meeting with people. I get sweaty and nervous. I try to act my cool self but I guess it is pretty hard to hide behind the shallow interior that I project.

But the funny thing is, according to my facebook friend list, I am almost at the 700 mark. On this social network I have almost 700 friends. It’s good to get myself logged on from time to time (well I do it religiously everyday, that shows for my addiction). It somehow boosts my self esteem.

It’s not like I know everyone on my friend list I have to confess to that. I accept requests without a seconds thought which helps. I also request friendships from people based on the criteria that I know them and have not seen them in a long time, they are my close friends or some new person that I just met from somewhere or just a pretty face (oh please like you don’t do that). Don’t worry I’m not a stalker. If you feel offended or anything you could just reject my ‘friendship.’

It’s funny how social networking makes for a boost of confidence when you need it. In real life I’m not so much a fun person to be with. In real life it is hard to mask everything from people. But in cyberspace that’s a different story. You could take time composing sentences that could catch attention easily, which does not work in real life. A few seconds of total silence makes for a bad conversation.

Well its something to think about. In real life its hard for me to make new friends but in a make believe world where silence is expected everything changes.

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