A Place Where Sinners Reside

I guess if I tell you before having time to explain in full, you would have to disagree with me before hearing me out.

Well, let me tell you about a place. A place soiled with heaping dirt. Dirty might not be the right word to express the condition of the place. Is it just the environment or does the inhabitants carry with them their echoing gloom? I think the place is tainted by them more that the present structure itself.

Well there is no place like it though. It invites those who say to themselves that life is a mess, that meaning seems to be an eluding thing to even grasp.

It calls for those desperate to belong. Some are strong to stand on their own. They know how to respond because they have trained themselves in the independent leanings of modern man. Only the uncivilized needs help always because a cloud of darkness constantly resides.

Well some think if they stay long enough they become better and cleaner. Sure the support evident from strength in numbers does miracles to carry the load but when pride entails the gush of independence and an eye of judgement to others they stain what had been their initial leaning.

Some might say this is a place for saints to reside and not for pesky sinners, those who simply have a second nature to disobey.

But truth be told if one had eyes to see more clearly, to look deeply and intently, the place called church inhabits cold blooded sinners. Those who are hardcore and know that they need something more than mere control and independent strength to get through.

It’s a place to recover and grow and still as much tainted from time to time. It’s a place to come as you are but now simply stay that way.

Well many don’t see it that way. Church is for good people…only the holy has a place there. Some have said that only the pious few could enter and chase others who need a place to help them through life’s struggles. People need a place to know their condition, accept them and help them grow. It does not have to be a perfect place.

Some call the most cruel of places like brothels, night clubs, drunken parties and other spaces as dens for sinners. But there is a place where sinners arrive naked to the one who sees what happens in the privacy of their thoughts. If there was a place where sin was not clothed it would be in the assembly of those trusting in Jesus.

Yet in nakedness a full acceptance stands by…unclothed yet clothed not by their own leanings but by the one who stained his hands with mire, walked the dusty grounds of earth and got beaten and hung for a people going astray.

I guess we should call it not a place where saints reside but a place fit for sinners. For sinners to reside.

2 thoughts on “A Place Where Sinners Reside

  1. It’s a place to recover and grow and still as much tainted from time to time. It’s a place to come as you are but now simply stay that way.

    ..but NOW …. Is it supposed to be NOT?

    church…a place fit for sinners.yes that’s right cos church is not heaven yet. church is introducing sinners to heaven. heaven is the place where only saints reside.

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