Beauty at Home With Devils

Beauty is only fleeting. A feeling that blooms like flowers we adore. We take pictures today and tomorrow they get trampled underfoot by some unbeknown pedestrian that has no appreciation for flowers. Or its beauty only lasts like a lifespan of flowers. I don’t know how long that is but it sure is not longer than a lifespan of human beings.

So again beauty is fleeting. Because people grow old as years go by and by that the body ages and manifest wrinkles all over. What was once adored by many become another face forgotten like the rest of faces that were given attention. People go for the new every time because beauty is fleeting, it comes and goes whenever it likes.

Some try to hold to it though. Go through surgeries to somehow maintain some dignity in the physical, repairing what is slowly diminishing to thin air. That would b better but aging remains to be seen.

Beauty is hard to maintain. Spending hard earned money on solutions that seems to work but the don’t. how did we get fooled by this. If they did work wouldn’t everyone know the secret of being young and having everlasting beauty?

Beauty is fleeting and hides when we need it most. It recklessly abandons and forgets how we treated it. We sat it down on thrones, fed it with the freshest of fruits and choice meat. Filled it with the finest wine and still it runs and abandons the lover. “Oh how beauty has left me shattered,” that how i would mimic the cries of a wounded lover when beauty walks out the door.

Well beauty is mysterious and we reserve the best seat for it in meanings we have, and terms we use, but somehow beauty sits sometimes at home with devils.

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