Greek Feelings

It’s the second day and my heart is beating faster. The anticipation runs deep as the minutes pass like fleeting seconds. No, no, no, it’s not a date with a girl. I haven’t dated in like…well that’s for a different post but i got side tracked explaining myself. Clarity sometimes leads to other stories. But let’s try to stick to the point.

It was an hour and a half before class started and I was reading through notes that were passed down two weeks before. Lessons in Greek grammar. Good stuff but as it is with learning new things, especially a language, an ancient language things can get pretty messy. I keep wondering that it could have been better learning this growing up. I think I should teach my kids Greek when they are young. Then i would have scholarly children for starters. Again that’s for another story.

Well, why study this thing called Greek? I get that question sometimes when people know I attend the class. It’s not meant for undergraduates actually but I’m just naive i guess. Not knowing what I’m getting myself into.

Well, I jotted the alphabets down and tried to memorize some of them to the best of my ability. I guess I’m doing ok. I think I’m doing ok. They said that there was going to be a quiz to see where we are actually at. I was indeed ready (well I think I was). But some were frightened. For the sole reason that the quizzes were going to be graded. Marks count you know. No one likes to fail.

As it turned out, no quizzes. The lecturer saw in his eyes the cry of mercy calling out to him. They must have had a glorious impact as he said “No quizzes today but next week then!” Everyone was ecstatic but I guess no one really wanted to show how it looks like to let off the leash. The lecturer might change his mind watching people gloating with joy.

The class was good. I was doing fine following the lecture. We were learning about sentence structures. Good stuff but along the way i got lost. Not that I’m dumb or anything like that but I lost the train of thought. I just need to read things slowly later or tomorrow to gain back sanity.

Well this is not to complain but just how it feels learning Greek. It’s a sobering task but i just look forward to the rich rewards at the end. To read commentaries that made me look dumb with a sigh of victory that seems to say…”I’m not so dumb anymore. I know what I’m reading now.”

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