Unnatural Calling

After preaching one Sunday a pastor of a church was approached by a man in his twenties. He was well built and that means he had a body like an athlete. He was naturally handsome and he was also single. He was one of those regulars who attended church religiously, not in its bad sense but good for that matter.

The pastor say him and greeted him as what most pastors would do in a pastorally voice filled with care and open friendship.

Pastor:It’s good to meet you gain young man.

Young man:Thanks, you too pastor. That was a wonderfull message on God call on our lives. Learned a lot from it, particularly when you said God had specific callings for us. I was amazed by the comment you made on calls though. “Tailor made,” you seemed to say, well I’m vaguely recalling…

Pastor: Ah, yes. That’s exactly the words I use. You have a great memory there. It’s a joy really if someone could actually remember stuff i preach. But I’m curious. Since you brought the subject up…what about the “Tailor made” thing. What do you have in mind?

YM: Well you see, I have had this conviction for as long as it was for five years already. It has been ringing louder and louder about something to do with a call I think i have…and its undeniable now that after hearing the message, it’s something I really believe in now.

P: Hallelujah! God is speaking to you son. I think you have to prayerfully go through your emotions again and maybe we could talk more about it in the coming days. I’ll help in what manner I can so you can really know for sure that God is calling you.

YM: Thanks pastor. Shall we schedule a date for Tuesday? I know Monday is supposed to be your Sabbath day?

P: Yes it is. So Tuesday it is…maybe during lunch break? That would be a good time to talk over things. It’s always good to get conversations going with food they say.

YM: Sounds great to me. So it’s fixed. Thanks again.

P: It’s not a problem actually. It’s always a joy to help someone discerning a call of God to ministry.

YM: Erm…it’s not actually to ministry pastor…

P: Oh, sorry I just assumed..call of God and well sometimes that gets misinterpreted. Anyway just out of curiosity then..a call to what?

YM:  I think God is calling me to be a garbage collector.

P: ……(long pause)…….(longer pause)

YM:….(long pause)….Gee would you look at the time. Well, see you Tuesday at lunch?

P:….(clears throat)…oh yes sure..Tuesday at lunch.

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