First Impressions

They say first impressions are important. I guess in a way that is true.

When I was twenty and had no where to go or nothing to do I had a shot entering a course on being an electrician. Being somewhat of a fool I dressed with a t-shirt  which was un-tucked on and my slacks. But before I was able to go out of the house and to the interview my dad intervened. Told me something about not being properly dressed for an interview.

Being my rebellious self, I thought he was being just old fashioned. You know how parents like to nag right. So I thought this was those ‘nag’ moments. And being the obedient boy that I was reluctantly also I changed my t-shirt and put on a buttoned collared shirt, but just to prove my rebellion was still alive I left it un-tucked.

When I got to the place and there were a bunch of us waiting. Some were in t-shirts! I guessed i thought I looked pretty dumb. But a few minutes in waiting, one of the trainer came in. And ironically (well that was how it felt then) scolded those who wore t-shirts and jeans and who did not tuck their shirts.

I quickly tucked mine, though i did not get scolded. It occurred for me then that my dad was right after all.

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