Durian Stall and Seminary

I had lunch late today. Around 2:40pm to be exact. Today I had to skit my routine of skipping lunch. Well it’s not exactly a routine but it sounds better for me to put it that way. At least it depicts someone disciplined enough to do something about his weight.

Well after the heavy lunch with my friend we stopped by the durian stall near the place where we had our heavy lunch. They were selling 3 for RM 10. I guess thats cheap. Anyways for those who are not familiar about durians it’s what people call the king of fruits in Malaysia. It has a somewhat foul kind (gassy in a sense) of smell for westerners and some locals here but for some it smells beautiful.

Anyway it was my friend who chose the durians and he bought it. And then the guy selling the durians asked us some questions. He actually talked to us in Bahasa Malaysia but for the purpose of the blog I have to translate it. The durian seller we’ll call “D. S” and for my friend we’ll call “Y.”

D. S: Are you two from Sabah?

Y: I’m from Sabah. My friend is from Sarawak.

D. S: There are a lot of Sabahans coming here to study. Are you both studying?

Y: Yes we are.

D. S: Where?

Y: (Pointing in the direction of where we were studying). It’s near by. Over there.

D. S: There is no school near by here. (He was right in a sense because there were actually no colleges or universities around the place we were studying.)

Y: Yes there is. We are learning about the bible.

D. S: Oh. So it’s not a real school (actually it sound better in BM- Oh bukan sekolah betul-betul la)

Y: It is a real school actually. It’s not a government school. It’s private.

D. S: Oh. Like that.

And so today I got to know that Seminary is not really a real school but something less than that. I guess many people think that way. Well I’m not offended by the comment just amused and now I’m a bit full eating durians.

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