Real Life With a Fictional Twist

Hi my name is Pest. I have no good explanation about my name because it is as it is.

My life is simple and predictable just like how I want it to be.

I’m not so much a fan of adventures. They are risky things indeed. Who knows what might happen, well anything can. Bad is just a step away. I mean, while you are cruising on a ship, a storm might appear out of the blue and unannounced. And with that the sea would not be the smooth blue surface your ship was sailing on. In an instant you would be tossed in the waves and eventually the ship would be wrecked and you’d probably drown. See, it simply is not safe. So I steer away from all adventures.

Oh and by the way I’m alone. I don’t have any friends. Well by that I meant, I don’t have anyone who i would call close thought that is.

I mean relationships are unpredictable. Just like human beings and their emotions. I ascribe to the idea of trust and all that but again relationships are risky. Which makes it hard to get into for me because bad is just a step away you know. I mean, who know when i fall for this cute girl and she’s all i expect her to be. Smart, beautiful, funny and sociable. But she might cheat on me you know. She might find another guy attractive and cute, someone better than me and richer. And she would leave me and I’d be broken hearted and gutted and depressed and that might lead to suicide. I don’t want that to happen and so I just steer away from relationships. Any form for that matter.

And so like is good when things are predictable. Nothing surprises you. And because of that I think I’m safe from danger and hurts, all that stuff that makes life miserable you know. I believe that a sheltered life is the way to go. It’s the safest way to live. It makes life less of a complicated matter.

I work in this publishing place. Sorry I can’t spill the details because it’s a big company and that would be leaking out information. I work hard and try not to get myself in trouble. I am by nature a very opinionated guy but i don’t let it show because that could be chaotic. People would resent me and the worst thing is I’d get fired for doing so. I do my best and by that i mean absolute best not to step on anyone’s foot, period. The trick is to disagree inside and leave it at that. Especially if it’s with superiors. Don’t even share conflicting ideas or opinions. And the rule i follow most don’t tell on people even if they are in the wrong. It gets complicated if you don’t follow the stuff i said earlier.

Well, thats how i live my life and how it is supposed to be with me. Living in safety takes discipline and it is not for the faint hearted. Well if you’re all for adventure, relationships and opinionated leanings you wouldn’t enjoy how i live mine but truth be told i know how my life turns out and where it is heading. And so i think my heart rate is beating right and my health is fine. I really pity those who think living realistically means embracing life’s struggles. Well it’s only for the movies my friend. Now, what i’m living, that’s real life.

Well, real life with a fictional twist to it that is.

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