Seminary and the Availability of Books

Each class that I attend in seminary has it’s own stack of books which a lecturer puts on the shelf as required reading. Some are chosen as text books and some are just books which would be deemed helpful for the students reading and overall grasp of the particular subject.

It is a problem when the books recommended are required for reading, being text books and others needed for book reviews and summaries. This is because there are only a few copies. Not only a few but sometimes just one copy.

This poses an ethical problem for the student studying in Asia or maybe the one I’m in right now (Malaysia). Since the library do not have the books and the shops sometimes do not have the titles, not to mention the crazy prices that a theological student has to pay for books because most students don’t make money and so this poses as a problem.

We would either photo copy the book, as a last resort to buying an original copy if it is available, or the price is right in a sense. Sometimes this is really a problem to me because I like books and all that. I sacrifice to buy them but the availability of the book and the price sometimes is an issue.

Sometimes I think that if books would be available to be bought electronically and viewed using PDF format, that might burden the weight of looking for book availability in bookstores especially textbooks and maybe that can be less pricey in a sense.

Well until then it’s still the same old problem a seminarian faces in Malaysia. Well mine personally that is.

4 thoughts on “Seminary and the Availability of Books

  1. Have you ever thought about investing in a kindle? It may have some of the books u need although this isn’t a great solution and it would cost like $300 and many books are unavailable. Personally, I’d photocopy relevant chapters and destroy them after they were done…

    1. Kurt,
      Yeah, i’ve thought of investing on a kindle but it’s still unavailable here, i think. I probably have to order it if that is the case but yeah it still doesn’t solve the problem but i think it’s handy in a way.

      Rules about copyright are not so strict over here i’m afraid. But even if i do photocopy the books its for the strict purposes of study. When i have the chance i’d always make it a habit to get the original. The prices are really crazy over here though. Malaysian currency is low so that explains. Anyways, thanks for the suggestion! I’ll probably start saving for a kindle. I’m crazy about books and i don’t think i have enough shelves to stack them up now.

  2. Hope that works out for ya! I hope copies and eventually the kindle will get you through seminary my friend! Sounds like you are having a good experience there! I am glad to see how things have all been working out for ya!

  3. Kurt,

    Thanks for that. Things are up beat. Books and studies have been the things that i’m preoccupied with at the moment. I hope all is well on your side as well. You haven’t posted any of your sermons/teachings. I enjoyed the last two you put up.

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