How Do You Find Freedom in Expression?

Sometimes I wish words flow smoothly when I talk and respond to questions. Especially during lectures when I’m asked to give my opinion on certain issues. Sometimes I give a manageable sentence that is OK and sometimes I just appear like i’m really dumb. I think most of the time I stutter. And I really don’t like when that happens.

I guess at the present moment my mind does not work so much in real time, without the thoughtful intention of sitting down and thinking how to create meaningful sentences on my computer or the simple task of writing. I think I express myself more through writing. It gives me an outlet that is a platform of liberation. But sometimes I wish it were as simple as talking sometimes.

Today I practically gave a lame answer to my lecturer on explaining the term “lay down my life” in a way of explaining the pastor. I could have given better reflections on the term but, with the whole class looking on and my lecturer anticipating the answer I just blurted out what came to mind. Well nothing obscene really but just a dumb answer. I hesitate to put it down here out of fear that you might laugh as well.

But, as I find different ways to combat this, do you struggle also to express yourself?

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