What Scars Convey

Scars are sometimes treated as permanent reminders of what happened. Most contain in them horrors, well those are for really bad scars. Those sustained from coming alive after some ferocious wild beast attacks. I don’t have experiences like that but I’ve seen on television that some have survived shark attracts. They have amazing stories. The scars are reminders of that sort of experience.

Some we get from doing stupid stuff like thinking we were some sort of experienced stunt man and end up wounding some part of the body. I got some stupid scars on my fingers opening beer bottles with a lighter, which show that I’m still an armature. My friends would laugh.

Some scars we simply get unavoidably like those from surgeries. I had a minor one in 2004. I had a hernia operation and I probably got a few stitches from that painful experience. I guess it was due to being under the knife operated by newbie’s that contributed to that. It took me like a month to fully recover. I was limping like an old man.

Well there are some scars which come with the intention of getting one. It is something that we have mulled in our thoughts for sometimes. We have even envisioned the severity of its size. Some want theirs big, some opt for smaller ones. Some want theirs with color, some just want them black. The come in different shapes and sized. Some have meanings behind theirs some simply like the design, or some just like having to add another scar to their already growing addition of scars.

I got mine in 2008. I thought about it, the design and all. I’ve even envisioned how it would look. It has deep embedded meanings I’ve made that captures what the symbol means. Intentional scars to me are beautiful. I’m planning to get another one on my right arm. This time a black bird. That has a meaning on its own.

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